Getting to Baboon Cay

Three easy steps & YOU'RE HERE.




  • Step 1: Book your arrival flight to Managua International Airport and flight from Managua to Bluefields through La Costena

    • On your arrival to Managua, you have the option of continuing your travels directly to Bluefields or to explore the city! When flying to Bluefields you will be traveling with the airline La Costena owned by Avianca, which is located next to the Managua Airport, but has a separate Check- In process. 

  • Step 2: Flying to Bluefields

    • You will need to purchase a separate ticket for your flight to Bluefields as the flights arriving in Managua do not directly connect to Bluefields and flights directly to Bluefields are not available yet. You can visit to find these flights. 

    • We suggest booking your flight to Managua, based on the departure times found on the the La Costena website.

  • Step 3: Take a boat from Casa Azul to Baboon Cay Eco- Resort

    • Once landed in Bluefields, we will arrange a pick up and transportation to your hotel and or to our guesthouse, Casa Azul. We encourage our guests to stay a night in Bluefields as it will provide you with an opportunity to explore the local culture and way of life. We will then continue our adventure to Baboon Cay. Our departure location is at Casa Azul, which is conveniently located on the lagoon. The Boat trip is approximately 2 hours, after which you will reach your home away from home! If you are eager to get on the island right away, we can arrange that as well!